Oct 27

Rebirth of a Blog: The Sustainable POV Backstory

Three years ago, I started a blog called Sustainable Brain as a way to provide annotated links to articles and other resources about sustainability (broadly defined). More than anything, the intent was to keep a log for myself – a running compendium of ideas and information that I found valuable and could refer back to over time.

The effort was short lived. After a few months, I allowed the blog to languish. Looking back, I regret that I didn’t get in the habit of blogging at least once a week. I’ve read and seen lots of great stuff about green issues and sustainability in the interim, and I wish I had some record to remind myself of the things I found most interesting and helpful. And, of course, the intention of blogging would have increased my vigilance about seeking out new information and processing stuff *now* rather than saving it for later.

So, I’m back. This time, the blog is hosted (rather than residing on the WordPress host), and that required a renaming so I could get an available domain name and Twitter handle to match. Thus “Sustainable POV” was born. I actually like the new name better, especially the play of meanings — both having a Point Of View that’s about sustainability, and finding a way to have a POV that is, itself, sustainable.

Twitter is a good addition to this mix, as it allows me to follow scientists and experts and journalists who know a lot more than I do, and tweeting also allows me to track interesting links every day — and then I can pick and choose which things I think are blogworthy.

As was the case the first time around, I largely see this endeavor as a way to track my own exploration of ideas and information. If others find it helpful and I’m able to contribute in some small way to the conversation, so much the better.

Thanks for visiting my born-again blog.

— Amy